Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Someone Help Me

What's it called when the Nats finish a game with more runs than the other team again? There's a word for it, probably a stat, even... anyone?

Baseball's a great game sometimes.

Nats were sending up a rookie against a should-be Hall-of-Famer (he's really one of my favorite pitchers to watch). The Nats were starting the all slap-hitting lineup with FLop, Guzman, Wee Willie Harris, and Wil Nieves. The "big" bats are all in the verrrrry low .200s.

And they won?

Sorta reminds me of last year. Remember Bergmann outdueling Smoltz a few times at about this same time last year [edit: ok, it came mid-May... sue me]? Right when the team looked like it was going to roll over, and float belly-up amidst the raw sewage in the Anacostia?

Zimmerman had the KO punch in the 9th, driving a ball to the wall in right -- to clarify, I'm not against him hitting to the opposite field; the key is doing what he did: hit the bejeesus out of the ball. Earlier, though, he looked foolish, but you can hardly single him out nor blame him considering the opposing pitcher.

That shot, though, was a good start. A sign, perhaps?

We'll find out. Against Santana's changeup tomorrow, he's going to have to knock it back up through the box and, yes, sometimes to the opposite field. Easier said than done though!


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