Thursday, March 27, 2008

Eat, Drink and Be... Holy Crap, That's Expensive!

DC Sports Bog gives us the beer menu for the park. Plenty of choices for plenty of money. $7.50 for a smaller sippy cup of non-swill.

Nationals Pride gives us the food menu, complete with locations and price. I don't know what the hell a crab pretzel is, but for $10 it better bring me to completion.

Thanks to SBF at Nats320, we've got the signage at the stadium, pointing out the locations of the stands. If you look at the third picture there closely, you'll see that the financing department is down the third baseline. 18% compounded biweekly might seem like a lot, but when Junior wants a crab pretzel, a loving father's gotta do what a loving father's gotta do.


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