Thursday, March 27, 2008

Hold Your Boos

Controversy Averted!

There was a bit of a hullabaloo earlier this week when some blogger roused some rabble, by suggesting that the Nationals first-pitch ceremony would be marred with controversy with Paul LoDuca catching a pitch from a former drug abuser. {re-reads story} Errr... what, with the President, an outspoken critic of drug abuse in sports (except when he was an owner; then he could turn a blind eye to it) pitching to the star of the Mitchell Report, our own beloved drug pusher, Paul Lo Duca.

Have no fear, the unseemly combo is gone. Faced with the prospect of getting traded to Basra for an ITBNL (insurgent to be named later), Lo Duca has stepped aside, allowing Manny Acta to share the spotlight in the memorable occasion -- but also so that the triumphant and deserved cheers for the greatest manager since John McGraw overpower the inevitable boo or three aimed at the greatest president we've had since the last one (whoever that is.... my encyclopedia's out of date).

So all the pinko commie bastards out there (and you know who you are -- and we know who you are, since we can smell the patchouli and hemp) should hold your boos. Don't boo the guy throwing the pitch. Cheer for the guy catching it, the people's choice, the one with the higher approval rating. Cheer Manny! Don't boo the other guy!


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