Friday, March 28, 2008

Do I Hear $100 Million? Going, Going...

Bid #1: "Already, the Lerners have shelled out $20 million that Major League Baseball agreed the new owners would contribute to the new stadium—on top of the $450-million price tag."

Bid #2: "The owners of the Washington Nationals plan to spend at least $30 million to improve the city-financed ballpark under construction"

Bid #3: "The D.C. Sports Commission is aware of $10 million in Lerner-financed stadium improvements, including the restaurant expansion that will cost $2.5 million and the club-level suite changes that will cost $2.4 million, according to commission spokesman Tony Robinson. Lerner said that, as additional projects arise, the family might pay more than $35 million in adjustments. A D.C. Sports & Entertainment Commission source, who asked not be identified because of the sensitive nature of the stadium issue, said a $30 million estimate for all of the improvements Lerner has mentioned is "not unrealistic." The upgrade to the main scoreboard could cost as much as $7 million alone."

Bid #4: "Mark Lerner, who has taken the lead on the ballpark planning, said the family has spent more than $50 million on upgrades, which include a high-definition scoreboard."

Inflation's a bitch!


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