Saturday, March 29, 2008

Can A Reliever Relieve Himself?

From Svrulga's thread on ballpark reactions...
First the top moment of the game was in the bottom of the 2nd or 3rd inning when Zim was at his second at bat. One of the pitchers in the bullpen decided to christen the stadium in his own way by pissing in the far left corner of the bull pen. There was a lot of noise from the fans in my section when it happened and one guy said it was Chad Cordero, but as the player was wearing his wind breaker I could not see a jersey number.

And Kasten probably thought that I'd be the only one pissing all over the stadium experience!

  • Update: False alarm!
    The Nats pitcher--Joel Hanrahan--wasn't relieving himself in the bullpen. He was put on "time out" by the veterans in the bullpen...kinda like a Kangaroo Court thing. I told him after the game he looked like he was going to the bathroom out there, and he told me what happened. Hilarious.

    There's still time for one of us to christen it then! I've got dibs on the cherry trees!


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