Thursday, November 08, 2007


Lots of juicy speculation that'll never go anywhere....

  • The Nats want Carlos Gomez and Mike Pelfrey of the Mets.

    Sure. And I want Alex Rodriguez, Barry Bonds and Andruw Jones on my team. The Mets weren't willing to give either of them up for Cordero last year. And now Cordero's a year older, a year closer to FA, and more expensive. I can't see us really matching up there.

  • The Nats are still interested in Rocco Baldelli.

    With TB's glut of outfielders, he's an interesting candidate. He's battled seemingly hundreds of injuries -- from hamstrings to Tommy John surgery. He's still young (26) and he's under contract through 2011 on a weird multi-option deal:
    2008: 2.25MM
    2009: 6 million team option (4 MM buyout)
    2010: 8 million team option
    2011: 9 million team option

    If he's healthy, he's worth the money. But he's never healthy. But if he comes cheaply enough, he's the perfect kind of Bowden signing -- cheap, with nothing but upside.

  • The Nats are likely out of the running for Torrrriiii Hunter.

    Phew. As I've said, his bat is far inferior to many of the other CFers out there, and all his value is wrapped up on his defense, which is likely to slip because of his recent history of leg injuries. Let someone else suffer that contract.

  • The Nats ARE interested in Andruw Jones, but don't want the bidding to go crazy.

    That article indicates that the market for Jones isn't that strong, so there's a chance that the Nats could swoop in and wow him with a large deal, despite the evil Scott Boras looming in the background. Hopefully this is where Kasten's personal relationship with Jones trumps some of that. 5/$90 for Jones would be a steal.

  • The Nats are interested in younger pitching.

    This is typical rumor-mongering crap. Rosenthal says that then suggests two names (Mulvey, Slowey) without actually reporting that there's any interest in those two from either side. He's just pulling crap out of his ass like a blogger would. He also proffers (wanted to use that word in the blog for a while!) of Cliff Lee, the Indians lefty. One catch -- if the Nats were really interested in him, they could've had him mid-season for nothing, when the Indians placed him on waivers. I suppose they could still have interest, but I'm not sure what changed between now and then.

    (That's not to say that he'd be a terrible pickup, just that unless Cleveland's going to send cash, the Nats likely won't be interested)


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