Wednesday, August 08, 2007

The Futility of History, Part 2

While wasting away hours listening to Bob Carpenter call a game solo cause Don Sutton's too ill to chip in. Buck sez, it's a spot of the ol' Tony Armas "dehydration."

Anyway, here are some more random stats.

Robert Fick has the 9th lowest slugging percentage for all 1B with 140 plate appearances or more. John Black's 1911 is the lowest, and Mike Fiore's 1970 is the most recent. Using the same PT criteria, he has the 151st worst on-base percentage. That leader, also from 1911, is John Black with a .202. Hey, wait a minute! It's the same guy! Wow, he must've sucked. Not-so coincidentally, that was his last year in the majors. (Another thing he has in common with Fick, perhaps? (Please?)) The Browns went 45-107 that year. Historically bad?

Levale Speigner is in rarefied air. Since 1901, he has the 18th highest ERA (8.78) of anyone with 40+ Innings. The all-time leader is Roy Halladay, who had a 10.64 in 2000. So maybe there's hope yet. Second place on that list, by the way, is Micah Bowie and his nightmare 1999. Only 7 of the 18 on the list didn't come from the 90s or later, and four of the others came during the high-scoring 30s.

Matt Chico has the 12th highest Homers per 9 IP of any rookie pitcher with as many IP as he has since 1901. (Rob Bell is the 'leader')

Kory Casto has the 20th lowest batting average for any outfielder to have 54 or more ABs. (Hall of Famer Mel Ott holds the 'record', .074, and amazingly that wasn't his last season). His slugging is 23rd worst -- someone called Herbie Moran holds that honor.


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