Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Seven Wonders Blunders

Wow! John Lannan has giant balls of steel!

It's hard to say that 7 innings with 8 hits and 5 walks is a good outing, but one run is one run, and one HUGE strikeout of Barry Bonds to end the 7th inning is the exclamation point on the night!

Lannan looked like he was pitching verrrry carefully to Bonds instead of pitching around him, even if the effect was the same in the first part of the game. But when it was crunch time, he came up and in with two pitches, getting Bonds to swing through both -- rare swings and misses for him -- giving the Nats a most improbable outing!

Seven in a row, thanks to Dmitri Young's solo homer in the 10th, and the Nats staved off Barry Bonds and more importantly, the entire Giant team for one more night.

Feckin' Lopez.

Feckin' King.

Feckin' Manny and his defensive subs.


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