Wednesday, August 08, 2007

The Futility of History

Now that Jason Simontacchi's recent arm injury is going to deprive us from witnessing his run at history -- highest ERA of anyone to ever win 10 games -- we've got to turn our lonely eyes (woo woo woo) in a different direction.

We're looking at you, Ryan Langerhans. Inspired by a BPG post, we're on the verge of history. Ryan Langerhans is about to set the record for lowest batting average by an OFer with as many PAs as he has.

Since 1901, only two outfielders (players who played more than 40% of their games at OF positions), have had 223 plate appearances and put up a batting average under .160, Ryan Langerhans at .157 and Kenny Williams at .159 in 1988. Two. That's it.

Worse, in all of baseball history, regardless of position, only 14 players have done the nasty. Langerhans is 9th on the list, and probably has no shot at Bill Bergen's 1911 season.

So way to go, Ryan! Keep up the good work, and show us history!

Our team leaders promised us 'historically bad' and historically bad we want, dammit!

(The first person to bring up Brandon Watson's name in the comments gets a swift kick to the nuts. If anyone, Fick should be the one to go.)


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