Thursday, February 01, 2007

Patterson Injured?

With the caveat that I don't trust or usually concern myself with online rumors, it's probably worth passing this one along. Some schmuck with a blog (and we know you can't trust them) says that Patterson (The Tall Softy) is still experiencing elbow pain and that it's going to be June or so 'til he's ready.

The only real reason I bring it up is that it was something that Stan Kasten was asked about during his online chat yesterday. His response: "Beware of online rumors! I haven't heard that one. John is raring to go, and I fully expect him to be our Opening Day starter."

I don't have the StanSpeak translator handy (those bastards from the NSA took it away from me), but if you parse that one closely, he doesn't really answer the question, does he? "That one" doesn't mean that he hasn't heard any -- certainly he'd know what his own doctors are saying and wouldn't need to rely on an internet report. And note that he doesn't say which year he expects him to be the opening day starter... Hmmm...

What did the Team President know, and when did he know it? A nervous public demands answers!


  • He also didn't say which "John". My money is on Halama.

    By Blogger Harper, at 2/01/2007 4:40 PM  

  • Great blog! Always my first stop for Nats information. More importantly, as I am not entirely familiar with the entire arbitration process, but am trying to get a better feel for the nuances... What effect might this rumor possibly have upon Patterson's arbitration?

    By Blogger hoosiernat, at 2/01/2007 10:20 PM  

  • If there is something to this, and I really doubt it, I don't think that it would affect the arbitration process, because it's basically based on what a player has done for his career, not what his value for the upcoming season is going to be.

    By Blogger Chris Needham, at 2/01/2007 10:26 PM  

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