Friday, April 07, 2006

The Committee Will Now Come To Order

The House Gov't Reform Committee hearing on the MASN mess starts in about an hour. Thankfully, Just A Nats Fan is aiming to live-blog the hearing. Having attended way too many Congressional hearings in my reasonably short life, I think I'll pass!

If you're sick in the head, you can watch a webcast of the hearing on the Committee's website.

  • Meanwhile, Comcast posed for the cameras, and like most models, once you get past the layer of skin, there wasn't a whole lot of substance there. Comcast basically has said, "Sure, we'll bid for your rights if you kill MASN!" And MASN basically told them to go to hell, instead counter-offering with the same terms that every other cable system in the area has agreed to accept.

  • By way of background, here's what I wrote about the whole mess last June, when the Comcast/MASN lawsuit first moved. It, unfortunately, has nothing to do with the Nats, but everything to do with Comcast and Peter Angelos.


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