Thursday, March 09, 2006

Barf Bag Or Hankie. It's Your Choice

The Washington Nationals today extended the contract of Vice President and General Manager Jim Bowden, as well as that of Assistant General Manager Tony Siegle, through the completion of the 2006 season. Nationals President/CEO Tony Tavares made the announcement.

Bright side? It's only one year, and a new owner can eat the pittance he's being paid. Bad side? Everything else.

I'm not completely sure that my read of Jim Bowden's recent "I" statements is correct, but if this was simmering below the surface when he ranted the other day, which it almost certainly was, then it does sort of jive with my armchair psychologist's interpretation.


    League-run, internet-only news service guy weighs in with a scathing indictment of Bowden's tenure as General Manager. (Trust me, it's much more fun to read the warmed-over press release as if it's sarcastic. To do otherwise is depressing.)


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