Thursday, January 05, 2006

Yay For Jamey!

Jamey Carroll re-signed today. While his $700,000 deal is a bit too rich for my blood, I'm not going to quibble over a few hundred K for a player who understands his role, and does anything the team asks. (Except hit game-winning grand slams)

Interesting note about his contract though. Ladson says it's non-guaranteed. I'm not quite sure if that means what I think it means, but presumably they could cut him at any time (or demote him to the minors) without having to pay the full contract. Given the love that Frank has for him, as well as the team's injury history, there should be a role for him to start the season, especially if Vidro isn't quite right. But if Vidro's ready to go, there's going to be a roster crunch for that 25th spot.

Either way, I'm glad to have the li'l scamp back.

Top 3 Jamey Carroll Games:

#3: 5/8 against the Giants. He smacked four singles, was constantly on base, but Jose Guillen, Nick Johnson, and Jeffrey Hammonds (man, I thought I had finally repressed him) couldn't knock the little guy in.

#2: 6/19 against the Rangers. Filling in for an arthritic Vinny Castilla, the li'l guy sprinkled three hits across Ameriquest's sun-baked sod. He set the tone early, singling and scoring the game's first run, then drove the nail in the cliched coffin with an RBI single to close a 5-run game-winning eighth-inning overly hyphenated rally.

#1: 9/27 against the Marlins. The mighty mite swings a balsa bat, but on a night when Dontrelle Willis was trying to dominate the league, Jamey Carroll turned him into his personal Jesus. He had not one, but TWO RBI hits! Yay, Jamey! The first turned a close game into a not-so close game, and the second, a 2-RBI double showed that the power of Christ does compel, from time to time.


  • Without looking it up, I think that was Livan's 150-pitch game. If so, it was a Church SF to left that won it.

    But Jamey Carroll is so good he doesn't need to win game with his feet, he can win them with his awesome batting stroke.

    If I had an entire team of Jamey Carroll's, I'd have the most hustlin' bunch of hustlers that ever did hustle. And they'd beat a team of steroid-taking apes like Jason Giambi. (If only because the thought of Giambi playing center would make the other Giambis keel over from laughing so hard)

    By Blogger Chris Needham, at 1/06/2006 9:16 AM  

  • That's fine with me. You get the Carrolls and I get the Giambis.

    I'm not sure I'd care about getting 3 guys into the OF against the carrolls... I'd ratherr build a rampart of meat in the infield... More efficient use of available ressources.

    Oh, and those OF play way in. If they hit it over you, gently stroll toward the ball.

    I wonder what 27 outs of Giambi hitting against Carroll pitching would produce?

    By Blogger Olivier, at 1/07/2006 1:03 AM  

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