Thursday, January 05, 2006

Fouled-Off Bunts: No Topic Edition

Rocket Bill's been writing up a storm lately, earning his million dollar salary. He has a lengthy look at the team's starting rotation. It's a pretty bleak picture, but Ladson gets some sunny quotes from Randy St. Claire. St. Claire didn't get much press last year, but it seems that he's as much a reason for the team's pitching success as anyone, with Hector Carrasco being a large example.

Of note, the Nats' team physician believes that Armas is finally healthy, Hernandez' knee surgery went fine and that he'll be completely healthy for spring, and that St. Claire seems to like Rauch. If you can get by Ladson's contention that Ramon Ortiz' 2003 with a 5.20 is a "respectable season", then it's a good update of where we are.

  • More Rocket Bill Goodness: He says the team is interested in acquiring Joey Gathright from Tampa Bay, but that the team doesn't have the prospects. Gathright's sort of a junior version of Juan Pierre. Federal Baseball has a closer look.

  • More Rocket Bill than the human body is conditioned to withstand: Mailbag time! See him needlessly pimp Brandon Watson over Ryan Church. (A notion that makes Mr. Banks do a espresso spit take) See him cite sources three times! See him give Wilkerson a backhanded compliment!

  • The Angels are reportedly interested in Jeff Weaver. If they were to sign him, the first round pick we got from them for Hector Carrasco would turn into a second rounder.

  • Nats Farm Authority looks at some recent Nationals Minor League signings. Wake me up when we get to the good part.

  • Distinguished Senators secures an interview with Bob Wickman Will Carroll.


    • Wake me up when we get to the good part

      The good part? How much better can you get than the signings of Mike Vento and Jacobo Meque? That's earth-shaking news.

      By Blogger Brian, at 1/05/2006 12:44 PM  

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