Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Game Off, Garth

At least the rain will wash away Philly's stench

Just one note as to the timing of the game.

Up until first pitch, the decision to start the game is entirely with the team. The Phillies were expecting a huge crowd, as they had a monster walk-up last night, and they wanted to do everything they could to keep the gate. Also, this is the Nats' last trip into Philly.

But once the game began, even thought it started in rain as heavy as it was when they decided to delay it, the decision became the umpires'. It took them an inning and a half to realize the team's mistake before they put the tarp on.

Once the tarp's on the field, the umps have to wait at least one hour before calling the game; that's what they did.

So, it's a double header on thursday. Remember to bring in your earphone (not that you'd ever be able to get WFED on your radio anyway...)


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