Thursday, August 11, 2005

Fouled-Off Bunts: Bad Andy Edition

The Nationals get Andy Pettite tonight. Pettite has a 2.64 ERA, making him one of the league leaders. But I strangely have a good feeling about this game. (And for me, and my notorious negativity, that's saying something.)

I guess it's the former Yankee fan in me speaking out. I saw far too much of Andy Pettite to think that he's capable of a 2.64 ERA. We've worked their relievers hard over the last two games (something we haven't been able to say since the opening homestand against Arizona!), so we could break this open.

Of course with Ryny DreMas (Does anyone know? or care?) on the mound tonight, it might not matter!

  • Frank is probably moving Preston Wilson to the Ryan Church slot on the bench. And Ryan Church slides over to the ol' Marlon Byrd Memorial Chair.

    All because the wunderkin could produce a spark. Zzzz.

    Of course with Frank's inability to stick to one plan (benching Guzman, resting Ayala, saving Guillen, et, etc, etc) for longer than it takes him to watch an episode of Murder She Wrote (Frank has a thing for Angela Lansbury), there's a pretty good chance that Preston'll be in centerfield by game time.

  • What do you get the shortstop who can't hit anything?

    A toothache! He sat out yesterdays' game with an abscess. Yummy!

    What I like best about that is the headline: "An aching tooth benches Guzman."

    So, it's reasonable to conclude that Guzman's aching tooth is a better manager than Frank.

  • It's full steam ahead with the Deutsche Bank private financing proposal.

    The city gets a guaranteed up-front $256MM payment, in exchange for taxes from concessions and tickets, as well as rent payments from the Nats.

    The $256MM ain't a loan. And it's reasonable to infer that it will end up costing the city some money on the backend of the deal (from the lost revenue), but it's hard to turn down a guarnteed quarter of a billion dollars. (Note to any billionaires: I can be bought too)

  • Breaking News: Guzman stinks.

  • The Houston series has been a homecoming for two Texan Nats: John Patterson and Gary Majewski.

  • The Fredricksburg Free Lance-Star (What's a Lance-Star, and why is it free?) claims that the Nats big-three pitchers could compete with anyone.

    I'm not quite sure I agree with the conclusion, but it's an interesting bar argument, at least.

  • And just to show that I'm not the only person who wonders WTF Frank does half the time, Nationals Interest looks at last night's game and wonders why Livan was in for so long.

    It's an interesting question and one that makes sense. But I think the answer has to do with Frank not wanting to show up Livan and to keep those blowups out of the public eye. They had a pretty huge showdown in Puerto Rico when Frank took Livan out of a game before Livan wanted to come out. Since then, he's let Livan call his own shots, for the most part.

    And last night, it came back to shoot the team in the foot.


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