Tuesday, August 16, 2005

The Fans' Scouting Report

Each year, TangoTiger, a prominent poster on Baseball Primer, asks fans of various teams to provide their scouting reports on the teams they follow most closely. He encourages as many people to participate, and I'm asking you to chip in.

It's a valuable project, utilizing Nats Blog's favorite concept, the wisdom of crowds. In short, large numbers of people are usually pretty accurate with their assessments.

You've watched the Nationals. Here's your chance to rate them, and see how they shape up.

The instructions on what to consider are here. It's very important that you read them first.

After doing that, you can rate the Nats.

Please participate, and encourage everyone you know who's interested in the team to get involved. The more people who rate, the more accurate our combined views should be.


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