Thursday, May 05, 2005


Nationals.TV lasted a long time. One of my helpful commenters noticed this, soon after I posted my screed:
NEW YORK, May 4 /PRNewswire/ -- MLB Advanced Media, (MLBAM) the
interactive media and Internet company of Major League Baseball, said that with regard to today's offer of a new Nationals.TV product, which would allow fans to watch live video webcasts of Washington Nationals games in market, it has been informed that a distribution deal announced last Friday may preclude the distribution via the interactive media of Nationals games in their home territory. As such, MLBAM has suspended its Nationals.TV offer until further notice.

A Relief-- at first.

I had the same question another commenter had... How will this affect MLB.TV? Will the curtain soon come down on the lifting of the blackout restriction? Will I no longer be allowed to see Nationals games at all? Who knows.

And what was behind this? Was this just the workings of some ivory-towered lawyerly sorts? The kind who should've had a chance to well, ya know, review the proposal before firing off press releases and pissing off loyal fans, but who were probably busy sucking the remaining fluid out of corpses for sustinence?

Or, could it be Direct TV? There's a cryptical reference to a distribution deal last week... That's gotta be DTV, right? Did their lawyers step in and put the kibosh on it? If so, a pox on Rupert Murdoch. (And I'm well aware many of my readers would wish him worse!)

It's up in the air. And, as in all cases, I suspect that we're still going to get screwed, all while those smiling conglomerates tell us they're doing right by us. (What they dont' tell you is that 'us' means shareholders.)


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