Wednesday, May 04, 2005


A bunch of us MLB.TV subscribers got a curiously worded email this afternoon about how wonderful it was that the Nationals and MLB were allowing us to watch Nats games on MLB.TV, despite the regular broadcast restrictions. I didn't think much of it at the time, assuming that it was them just taking credit for being generous for something that Jack Evans essentially forced them to do.

How wrong I was.

Those greedy sons of multiple bitches at Park Avenue have royally greased our nether regions. And they're ready to extract their price.

Starting June 1, Nationals games will no longer be seen in the DC area on MLB.TV. They've created a new service, Nationals.TV (Creative name, huh?) Nationals.TV will carry ONLY Nationals games -- nothing more. And it requires a separate subscription from MLB.TV.

So, for the low price of $14.95 monthly I can have access to just the Nats games. That's the same farkin' price they charge for the entire MLB.TV package. That's horseshit. Absolute horseshit.

If I want to watch the Nats and other games, I'm going to be shelling out $30 a month!

Further, they're taking away something they've already been given! I can't imagine that the influx of Nationals fans is putting a massive strain on their servers or anything. There is no rational reason for them to do this, other than they know they have a captive audience, energized and excited. And they're going to suck every last coin out of our pockets. Because they know that we're just flippin' stupid enough to nod approvingly. Well Screw You Selig! And Screw You Angelos!

Why would they do this? Other than money?

Does MASN have a say in this? Despite assurances from the MASN Ass-Clown-In-Chief that Angelos doesn't own the rights and MASN does, we know where the money ultimately ends. How much pressure did that giant hefty-bag full of bulldog crap put on MLB (either personally or through the MASN-Holes) to put the squeeze on us Nats fans.

Because the harder it is for us to access our team and the more expensive alternative means of access are, the more we're going to run clamoring to that other corporate bastard, Comcast, whining and begging them to help us.

In the meantime, the MASN-holes and MLB can point to this subscription service and talk about what friends they are to the fans and how they're doing everything they can to help us have access to our team. Well screw you all!

This has the fat, Cuban Cigar-stained hands of Peter Angelos all over it. And just like everything else that bastard has touched, it's screwed over Washington baseball fans. Screw you Angelos. And screw you Selig. Choke on a Bratwurst.


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