Sunday, April 03, 2005

Through The Looking Glass

At the beginning of spring training, I took a look at 10 questions confronting this team. Now that it's over, it's a good time to see how they were answered.

1. Whither Endy?
He's in Nawlins!

2. How’s Vidro’s knee?
Fine, apparently! It's everybody else's knees that hurt.

3. How exactly do you play four people in three spots?
Well, you send one to New Orleans for starters. But having Church up still gives us the same problem. But, at least the problem isn't one of offense.

4. Is Guzman really a good defender?
Damned if I know. I didn't hear much about this one way or another.

5. Can Guillen be a model citizen?
He didn't kidnap any children, rip any tags off mattresses before selling them to the consumer or test positive for steroids. That's a start, at least.

6. Will Day like the bullpen?
Not as much as he's going to like being a starter!

7. Can Loaiza set the clock to back before midnight?
A 2.18 ERA in 33 innings indicate he might! If last year really was a result from fatigue the year before and he really has made the leap because of his new cutter, then we might have the biggest bargain in baseball. I'm not completely holding my breath though. But, I am contemplating it.

8. Will any of the kids get a chance?
Interestingly, the three kids I mentioned, Church, Davis and Patterson all made the cut.

9. How does the bench look?
Potentially interesting, if weirdly constructed. With Davis and Sledge, you've got solid pinch-hitters from the left and right side. Carroll's useful in his ability to man the middle infield and get on base consistently, even if he doesn't have power. Tony Blanco's got potential -- we simply don't know how that'll work out!

10. How many long relievers does a bullpen need?
You can never have enough. Just ask Jon Rauch.


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