Saturday, April 02, 2005

Broadcasting News

Check out District of Baseball and Yurasko for today's news.

District writes about the television deal and uncovers that Mel Proctor, former Os announcer, has been signed to do the play-bay-play.

He also links to the broadcast schedule.

Meanwhile, DCRTV reports some distressing, but not unanticipated news.
DCRTV's sources tell us that if you're a Nationals fan, you'll have to be satisfied with the two or three games per week shown on Fox-owned UPN affiliate Channel 20/WDCA. Because that's about all you're going to get this season, TV-wise. The Orioles-backed Mid-Atlantic Sports network, which will eventually carry the Nats, will take at least a year to launch. Not to mention negotiating carriage deals with area cable operators, a la giant Comcast. And Comcast isn't going to sit still for competition to its Comcast SportsNet. Look for a court battle, even. There is a cable "wild card" - Allbritton's NewsChannel 8, which could carry some Nats games. But we hear that option is unlikely, since Allbritton has a close relationship with Comcast, and wouldn't want to compete with CSN

What a deal. Thanks, Bud!


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