Wednesday, March 30, 2005

More V-E Day Celebrations

When Tom Boswell has been on this spring, he's been as good as he was when he earned the reputation he's been living off of the last few years. And he's definitely on today.

Read it, and you can see the passion he has for the team. And understand his, and the team's, frustration with Endy Chavez. I don't want to excerpt it, because it really builds and makes the case. Print it out and read it at lunch or something. (I won't tell your boss!)

St. Barry of Svrluga's piece from yesterday has been expanded and sums up why it's a good move with a quote from Jim Bowden:
"His offense has not been good enough to win baseball games," Bowden said of Chavez. "We gave up some defense in this decision, but we have got to be able to score more runs than what we've been scoring."

St. Barry cuts to the heart of the matter in his blog, where he can actually be more casual and give his opinion. He contends that the reaction to yesterday's move shows that DC IS a baseball town (DAMN RIGHT!) and he doesn't hold back:
Forget that almost no one in the Washington area has ever seen this guy play in person. Forget that people sipping lattes in Seattle have no idea who we're talking about. Forget that Chavez is a sub-mediocre player who probably belongs in the minors. Washington is a baseball town because a baseball story -- not one about city council squabbles or television rights -- carried the day.

He later shares a cringe-worthy anecdote, DOH!
Idiot move of the day: I sat down to talk to Brian Schneider this morning, grabbing the locker stall next to his, which was empty except for a few hangers. "Jeez, whose locker was this?" I asked. "Chavez," he said.

Mort errr... Mark Zuckerman gets the opinion of the Kentucky Masher:
"It surprised a lot of people," Wilkerson said. "It surprised me. I hate to see it happen, but [Bowden's] correct in saying that. Endy knows what he needs to do; he just needs to start doing it. If he starts to draw walks and gets on base, he'd be a great fit for this ballclub. But until that happens, I think we have to go with the best team possible."

Amen, Brad. Amen!


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