Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Ohka-Lahoma, OK!

Ohka-lahoma, where the pitch comes sweeping cross the plate!
And the waving bats sure fall flat
when they swing much too much too late.

Alright.... enough channeling Ball-Wonk. Actually, I should apologize for using his name sacriligiously like that! And besides, Tomo Ohka doesn't get that many strikeouts anyway ;)

Regardless, he was good yesterday. 29 pitches, 20 strikes. Nine batters to the plate, nine batters slinking back to the dugout, hanging their head in failure. It's like the 1980s all over again, the Japanese are taking over!

And finally, people are starting to realize that, ya know, he might be pretty good. Just like sushi, he seemed pretty bad at first, but the more you experience, the more it grows on you. Mmmm... miso!
Because of the rain Monday, the stats for the game against the Dodgers don't count. Ohka's first start of the spring came in an intrasquad game, so those won't count either. Last week, in his other appearance, he allowed just a single in three innings. It might not show up on paper, but Ohka has, quietly, been the Nationals' best starter thus far.

"He's throwing the way he's capable of throwing right now," Robinson said. "But let's not get carried away. It's spring training."

I guess Frank Robinson doesn't like sushi. Give it a li'l time, Big Frank. It'll grow on ya.


  • I think Ohka is absolutely the most underrated player on the Nats. People may not fully realize the wonder of LIVAN!, but at least they know who he is.

    By Blogger Ryan, at 3/15/2005 10:27 AM  

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