Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Nationalsized Health Care

There are six words that no pitcher likes to hear. And unfortunately for Francis(co) Beltran, he’s heard them: Dr. Andrews will see you now. With those words comes a trip to the 60-day DL and the end of his season. On the bright side Andrews is a generous physician. Some doctors pass out balloons or stickers to their patients to keep them cheery. Dr. Andrews gives you new ligaments!

The bright side? He’s young and has a chance to come back. The bad side? He wasn’t particularly effective when he has pitched. It’s a tough life sometimes.

(Oh, and the 60-day DL is a special case that removes a player from the 40-man roster. It’s a way of freeing up an extra roster spot -- in this case for the year. The 15-day DL only frees up a spot on the 25-man major league roster, not on the 40-man.)


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