Monday, March 14, 2005

EndyWatch: DC Held Hostage

Sometimes I wish I worked for Fox News or CNN. I'd want to be the person who designs those spiffy little graphical packages that pop up when a recurring story comes up. It'd even be fun to compose the songs that play in the background -- short, horrifying chords to jar you from the slumber the last interminible report put you in. If I knew Flash, I'd work on one for Endy Chavez. Another life maybe.

All of which is a long way of saying that Endy's done nothing to solidify his grip on the centerfield job. A throwaway notes column revealed a lot.
"I just want him to focus on making the ballclub right now -- as a starter," Manager Frank Robinson said. "And the what-ifs, that comes a little later. . . . We may decide to go after someone else. And [Chavez] might be involved in a trade."

This is the first time that I've heard Frank Robinson mention the "T" word. The manager usually has a significant impact on the 25 that head north. Maybe this is a sign that the craptastic .211 batting average with zero walks is being noticed. (I hope he has a sac fly in there somewhere! If he does, his on-base percentage can actually be lower than his batting average.)

There were rumors earlier in the off-season that Philly was looking at Endy. (I guess, as the heir apparent to Doug Glanville!) If they're still interested, ship him off for a 24-year old A-ball pitcher -- anything other than David Bell.

The other important revelation in the article is that Frank is finally talking about what other internal options the team has, namely, the return of Brad Wilkerson to centerfield and Terrmel Sledge to left.

That they're now openly talking about other possibilities gives you a pretty clear idea of where this thing is headed. They've already tried the 'light a fire under his ass' method. They've tried the 'reassure and soothe his ego' method. Now, it seems like they're going to the the 'make him someone else's problem' method. If they do trade him, the advantage, assuming they acquire a minor leaguer for him, is that that would free up a roster spot, which would allow them to keep JJ Davis and Alex Escobar.

Although, and I can't find this now, I had read some place that the Mets were sniffing around Escobar. If they were able to paw him off on them, and they probably have a need, considering Mike Cameron's injury, that would open the door for Ryan Church to make the team.

In other words, even with the apparent change in the team's attitude towards Endy, there are just as many questions with him now. The Endy Enigma will continue for another few days, at least.


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