Thursday, February 24, 2005

Who’s In The Booth?

You can make all the Elliot phoning home jokes you want. He won’t be emigrating this year. The team had expressed problems with securing a visa before as an impediment. I think, but I don’t know for sure, that each team is only delegated a certain number of visas for foreigners. With the number of Canadians from the front-office who made the move, as well as the number of latin players on this team, there was probably a squeeze.

At any rate, the new guys are Charlie Slowes and Dave Shea. Slowes had been sentenced to broadcasting the Devil Rays for the last seven years and Shea had been broadcasting for the Boston Bruins who play in something called the NHL? I’ve never heard of it either.

I asked about them on Primer last night and only one person responded, saying that Slowes is decent, but nothing special. (Kinda sounds like the Nationals themselves!)

There’s something soothing about the sounds of the radio on during the summer. Hopefully none of them have obtrusive voices or Sterling-like heights of self-promotion.


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