Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Vinny Castilla, Come On Down!

You're the next Washington Post/Times designated Nat-O-The-Day!

The Post writes one of the most informed, stats-conscious articles I've read.
Castilla is the proof of that theory, for his numbers at Coors are starkly better than in all the other parks in which he has played. Though he is quick to point out that he slugged 21 of his 35 homers on the road last year, over the course of his career Castilla has hit .334 with a home run every 14.3 at-bats at Coors, and just .256 with a homer every 24.4 at-bats everywhere else. Last year, even with all the homers on the road, his slugging percentage and batting average in Denver (.575 and .321, respectively) were drastically higher than either on the road (.493 and .218).

Sometimes numbers are meaningless (see: Boswell, Tom) and sometimes they're telling. This is an excellent use of appropriate numbers to help describe what's really going on.

I won't rehash what I've said before about Vinny. Instead I'll link back to something you may have missed before: Sabernomics's contention that Vinny is so overrated, he's actually underrated.


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