Tuesday, February 22, 2005

The B-Sharps

I need to come up with a name for my round-up blurbs that becomes less and less amusing every time you read it. Hmmm. I'll work on it.

  • Full workouts begin in earnest today. (Second Item) All starters, except for Inning-Endy Chavez took BP yesterday.

  • Francisco Beltran went in for an MRI. (Third) He's been having elbow problems. This probably kills any chance he had of coming north. Hopefully, this isn't anything, because I've got a feeling we'll need him by the end of the year.

  • And then there were six. (Four) Alex Escobar and Francisco Beltran signed contracts. Bowden's a machine.

  • Today's Vinny Castilla quote-o-the-day...When asked what he knows about DC...? "I know the president lives there ..."

    I bet he doesn't realize that El Presidente is actually in Ft. Lauderdale!

  • Seth Greisinger is aiming for a spot in the bullpen. Enjoy New Orleans, Seth.
    "I don't think he'll go from a longshot to being on this club," Robinson said. "He would have to do an awful lot. What he can do is improve his position so when we need -- and we will need -- someone during the season, we can say, 'He's the guy who impressed me in spring training.' He can move himself up in the pecking order down here."
    He did say that his favorite book is "The Fountainhead". I've picked up "Atlas Shrugged" three or four times, never getting more than 2-300 pages into it. I just couldn't trudge through her text. I wonder if even 1/4 of the people who've claimed to have read it have actually read it.

  • Today's bonus Vinny Castilla quote-of-the-day.
    Castilla provided the best answer of the day, when asked why, at 37, he thought he could still produce.

    ''I was 36 last year and led the league in RBI,'' he said.

    Only one problem: Castilla was 37 last year and turned 38 on Feb. 6.

  • The Nationals may be on the cover of Sports Illustrated. (Last) Ho Hum. Does anyone actually read that anymore?


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