Sunday, February 13, 2005

Post's NL East Preview

Dave Sheinin has a look at the NL East. And he resorts to the same kind of cheesy, cringe-inducing analogy you've come to expect from my writing.
Greetings, Washington Nationals, and welcome to the National League East division. We trust you'll find your accommodations satisfactory. Here, let us show you to your room.

No, that's not your floor. That's the penthouse, which has had only one tenant, the Atlanta Braves, for as long as anyone around here can remember. And no, those middle floors don't belong to you, either -- not for what you're willing to spend.

Here you go, folks. That's right -- the cellar. Don't be too disappointed. It's pretty much as your predecessors, the Montreal Expos, left it when they expired last fall -- except for one thing: Oddly enough, the higher floors seem to be getting farther and farther away


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