Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Hey Dave!

Minaya doesn't work for the Nats anymore. You don't have to suck up to him. I'm not sure if Dave has a man-crush, or if he's auditioning for a MLB writing gig. (In fairness, Dave is one of the Post's better writers.)

I just found this part odd:
His reputation for the stunning move was built in Montreal, where, with the Expos on the fringes of contention in the summer of 2002, he somehow managed to acquire ace Bartolo Colon and slugger Cliff Floyd -- and their hefty contracts -- without adding anything to his MLB-mandated payroll.

Stunning is definitely the right word. But, I think Dave and I are thinking of different connotations.

"Somehow?" Hopefully, by "somehow" he meant, "Pillaging the farm system."

It really helps if I remember to include the link. I do that all the time.


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