Monday, February 07, 2005

Last Football Post Forever

The Super Bowl was pretty brutal. I love good defense, but this seemed like it was more incompetent offense, especially to start the game. And the end of it was infuriating. I haven't yelled at the TV that much since Grady Little strolled off the mound in New York. It's not that I was pulling for the Eagles. I actually kinda hate both teams. It's just that I hate watching it when the coach (in this case, in concert with the QB) is making decisions that are so obviously wrong at the time and that it's going to kill his team. I guess it's a feeling of shared agony.

I just wonder if the Eagles realized that, by definition, there are only four quarters in a game.


  • I totally agree. I was not rooting for either team but it as sad watching a team that could have won, blow it. Poor Philly.

    By Blogger Martin Gehrke, at 2/07/2005 8:01 PM  

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