Thursday, August 02, 2007

Pointless Speculation From A Blogger/Beat Writer

I like when beat bloggers pass along rumors. But not when they don't pass the feckin' smell test.
Remember, that talk about Adam Dunn being traded to the Nationals? I've been told the deal was pretty far along when the Nationals pulled the plug on it.

No explanation was given why. But here’s one theory I heard: Jim Bowden never intended to do make a deal. He just strung the Reds along to waste their time. The Reds do still have a grievance pending against the Nationals over the Gary Majewksi episode

It's just a theory, but it reads like the rantings of a paranoid loon. It's not like Jim Bowden didn't have 1,000 other things to worry about at the deadline besides dicking over the Reds. I'm sure he had valid interest, but that when push came to shove (perhaps a big shove from Kasten?), Bowden wouldn't give up any of the Vermonsters for Dunn, and pulled out.

No conspiracy there. I'm amazed at the level of paranoia that comes out of the Reds and their hangers-on. I really enjoy beating their ass, at least 'til they dump Wayne Krivsky. I pity their fans. They deserve better than hearing from those who keep clawing at the ghosts of GMs past and blaming that for all their failures.

Besides, if the Nats want Dunn -- and we ALL know Bowden does -- it would've behooved the Nats to do one of two things 1) Trade FOR him or 2) Ensure that another team trades for him so that his option goes away, making him a free agent. Now is the worst situation for the Nats; the only way they'll get him is if the Reds decline the $13 million option. And its' likely that they'll exercise it, then, worst case, trade him later, likely not to the Nats.

So if you believe that Bowden lusts for Dunn, dicking over Krivsky's ability to trade him was the LAST thing he would've Dunn...errr... Done.


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