Thursday, May 03, 2007

Pray For Church?

In his analysis of the Langerhans/Snelling trade, Mark Zuckerman suggests a few possibilities. Two stuck out.

The Nats aren't convinced Logan is the answer in center field. Despite all their hype of Nook's defensive ability over the last six months, perhaps the Nats don't believe he'll be able to hit enough to warrant a full-time job. He hasn't been able to sustain anything offensively in his career, so why should we believe he's suddenly going to get it together now? If that's the case, Bowden might have wanted to give himself some insurance. The Nats have been impressed with Church's glovework in center and probably wouldn't hesitate to keep him there for the long run if Logan doesn't pan out. That would probably leave Kory Casto (a fine offensive prospect but a sub-par defensive outfielder) in left field, in which case Langerhans could be a valuable late-inning replacement

Keeping Church in center? Interesting.

Or alternatively:
Bowden is preparing to trade Church. It's no secret he was looking to move Ryan over the winter and just didn't find any willing takers. For whatever reason, the GM hasn't ever been enamored with this guy, and though he's playing the best ball of his life, perhaps there's a sense he won't be able to keep this up. If that's the case, the Nats are better off trading Church now while his value is high rather than waiting for him to slump, when he won't be worth as much.

So we should expect Cordero and Church for Wily Mo Pena and Manny Delcarmen any day now?

Remember... these are just theories. I don't think Zuckerman is predicting these, just giving a couple of possibilities for what the team's thinking on the trade is.


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