Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Ask And Ye Shall Receive

Over the weekend, in a long and rambling post, I mentioned that the Nats' website was not allowing people to buy 20-game season ticket plans in the $5 section on the website. It was particularly bizarre because the team had been doing a heavy radio ad campaign featuring the $100 plans as a great way to get your priority for next year. (Apparently, there's some sort of stadium opening up -- who knew?)

Continuing a surreal month or so, within about 30 minutes of me posting it, I had an email from somebody with the Nats, thanking me for pointing it out and assuring that it'd be fixed.

If you're interested in a mini-plan, you can now lay out a meager $100 bucks to watch our pitchers get bombed in 2o spirit-crushing games. If you're lucky you'll be on the John Patterson plan, and catch an inordinate number of his starts. Over the last two years, I was on the Ramon Ortiz and Tony Armas plan -- shoot me now!

Good job by the Nats in getting that fixed.

(Man, this really comes across as horn-tooting, doesn't it? I hate that)


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