Friday, February 09, 2007

The Department of Stupid Ideas

Today's Dunderheaded Move of the Day comes courtesy of who else? Peter Angelos and the not-good folks at MASN.

First, the good news. We'll get 8 spring training games (although how you'll distinguish them, given our pitchers, from the regular season ones remains to be seen). The downside is that four of those are with the Orioles, cause Lord knows we don't get that stinking team rammed down our throat enough.

OK, here's the stupid part. Take it away, Barry and Jorge:
On the roughly 100 regularseason dates when Baltimore and Washington play at the same time, the network will offer MASN2, which will be available on every cable system that carries MASN. The Nationals and Orioles will likely alternate between MASN and MASN2 so that neither is labeled as second-tier.

Rather than making the Nats the primary team in DC and putting the O's on the primary channel in Baltimore, they're going to float the two teams around whenever and wherever they feel like it? Wanna catch that Nats/Pirates game Friday night after a hard day of work? Good luck finding it. Is it MASN1? MASN2? And what the hell channel is MASN2 on? (You can bet it's going to float depending on whether they want to pre-empt NewsChannel 8 or QVC).

No, it's not a big deal, but why inconvenience the fans like that? And all because Czar Petey (who's probably in mourning over his Cuban Commie friend's illness) doesn't want his little feathers ruffled. What idiocy! In Peter Angelos' world, there are no grades, no losers, and everybody is a winner! Yay! Let's not even keep score next year! Peter thinks everyone should finish 81-81, and we should all share the World Series trophy for a week or two in the off-season, and we can all go out for sundaes in October and have a big pillow fight at the end of the night! Won't it be fun? Nobody's second tier! We're all teh bestest!11!

I'm someone who regards reflexive anti-Oriolism -- as if that rat-infested, syphilis hellhole compares to this shining city with a Hill -- as just a notch or two above cretinism. But Mr. Angelos' policies are making that a much more attractive option than his delusional utopia of equality.


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