Thursday, October 05, 2006

Sullied My Good Name

Harper at OMG tabulates the data, and shames me.

Sometime after the Kearns/Lopez/Clayton/Bray/Majewski/Sabo/Wagner trade, I got full of myself and my magical prognostication abilities. Somehow, I came to the conclusion that minus Guillen and Clayton and Watson and.... that this was a very good offensive team. I bet Mr. Harper that the Nats would be a top-6 offense from that point forward.

Well, they weren't.

They were 11th. Close, right? Well, nope.

He does point out some mitigating factors though that do make it closer than it actually appears, but you'll have to click over to read them.

He does point out something interesting, though:
The Nats finished 6th in Septemeber with Soriano providing little offensively. This supports Chris’ theory that the Nats could have an above average offense in 2007.

Maybe that $16 million would be better spent on some pitching, pitching, pitching?

  • Speaking of pitching, pitching, pitching...

    Take a look at Federal Baseball's recap of how truly dreadful this team's pitching was. He focuses on the sheer lack of innings (irrespective of quality) from the starters, and what that means, and what the team is going to need to do/look for in the upcoming offseason.


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