Thursday, September 28, 2006

One More Thing

The surest way to know whether someone's an idiot or not is to ask them about the stadium, and the financing, as this DCist post and comment thread demonstrate.

The post, another half-cocked rant, from noted Hugo Chavez defender DCist Marty, basically says that the recent breakdown of the Herb Miller parking garage wonderland outside the stadium means that the whole deal is a sham, and that there's not going to be any development, and DC's going to be on the hook (because the revenues aren't there), and DC children won't have any money for schools, so residents will be forced to sell off their virginal daughters to the Nationals players to make ends meet, or some other such nonsense.

Thankfully, there's some sanity in the comments -- you can tell who has their facts, and which ones are talking out their keister in the manner of a fat guy who just ate three bean burritos.

Two points to remember in all this hubub and hullaballoo:
1) The parking ain't for you or me; it's for those fat cats that Stan Kasten drools over -- the ones who'll sit in the expanded Diamond Club section in the lower deck of the stadium, in their segregated section to keep riff-raff like you and me away so that we can't spoil their merlot and camembert parties. So don't weep for the lack of parking. Those fat bastards need to exercise to prevent gout from setting in anyway.

2) Develpment goes on, dammit! So, Herbie Miller's fully loaded Applebees won't go up right next to the stadium. OK, we'll have to walk a block if we want to get more Gap khakis. I'll live. Don't believe me? Check out, as always, JD Land for the info, and look at the bazillion and one square feet of space going up, even as we speak. Herb Miller or not, there's development going on -- as anyone who's sped past the craphole neighborhood in the last few weeks can attest.

She says it best: Well, just check it out here and here


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