Friday, November 18, 2005

Fouled-Off Bunts: Actual News Edition

Lotsa yummy stuff. I'll be brief.
  • Jim Bowden gets a second chance to make a first impression with Boston, as he's made the cut to round two of the interview process, joining fellow disgraced GM Jim Beattie.
  • The Post and Times discover that the Nats met with AJ Burnett. Personally, I prefer the Federalist's account much better (especially his picture from behind the restaurant).

    What I find interesting about that is that both papers are a day late from Bill Ladson's originally story, which was posted late Wednesday night, after yesterday's papers had already been put to bed, in effect, giving Ladson a 24-hour scoop. Is that just his intrepid reporting, or was that intentional by those "team sources" that Ladson loves so much?

    And not to hammer our beloved beat writers too much, why don't they have "team sources"? There's very little news coming out of the RFK Trailer Park. Does that mean that no one's talking? There isn't a plan? They don't speak with the right people? Why is it that the only information we get is shared by both papers using the exact same quotes (presumably from a conference call or press conference)?
  • Disgraced former owner Jeff Smulyan has at least one supporter on the DC Council, strangely a supporter who just recently allied himself with Linda Cropp.
  • To Juan, or not to Juan? That is the question answered by the newest Nats-blogger on the Banks of the Anacostia. Short answer? No Juan, Bradley! The Methuselah of Nats-bloggers disagrees. I'd lean more towards Methuselah. (If only because of Milton Bradley's scary Nick-Johnson-approved injury history. Check out his games played)
  • The TP points out Brendan Harris' continued role as Mr. November, this time with a game-winning homer against Nicaragua in Olympic qualifying.
  • Just an FYI. The Commisar is a National Disgrace. (But you already knew that)


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