Thursday, November 17, 2005

Jose Es El Loco

Just when you think that Jose Guillen can't get any crazier, NFA reports that he's taking his soon-to-be surgically repaired shoulder and playing, playing, playing.

After two weeks of rehab, he'll play winter ball, then be ready to play in the World Cup of Baseball (or whatever the hell they're calling it). I suppose that he knows more about his prognosis than I do, but wouldn't you think that rest would do him good? He REALLY wore down as the year went on. Wouldn't a month or two of rest be better for him regardless of injury?


NFA also takes a look at Baseball America's top-10 Nationals prospects, interjecting his own thoughts and coming up with his own list.

Take a look at it. He gives a quick synopsis of each player and links to the stats if you want even more depth to see how shallow our system is.


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