Friday, November 18, 2005

Everybody's Hugging

Cue the Barry White music, and listen to the sweet sounds as two become one.

The ownership groups of the Lerners and Stan Kasten are courting each other, ready to jump into Bud's back seat, creating a union that would be pretty sweet to Nats fans' ears.

Although the article quotes a cowardly baseball source as saying that it wouldn't automatically make them the lead group, their public display of affection is the kind of thing that Selig likes to see. (It's the voyeur in him.)

It helps that they're Selig's vision of beauty, too: One has a strong, central presence with very deep pockets (call him the sugar daddy). The other has years of wordly experience, and knows how the game is played. Even I'd have to say that that's a pretty good looking couple.

Thomas Heath's article has a rundown of Kasten's many accomplishments, and the Post looked at the Lerner family (plus a bonus Wolf Blitzer picture) earlier this month.

If Selig does pick the happy couple (and he does so soon), it'll definitely set off joyous explosions in houses all throughout the DC area


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