Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Fouled-Off Bunts: Tepid Stove Edition

I'm torn.... is it a good thing that Jim Bowden doesn't really have a budget to purchase players in a pretty crappy free agent market? Or is that a bad thing? A blessing AND a curse, I suppose.
  • Theo Esptein rumors heat up, again, noting that he'd probably prefer Washington to LA because of the fresh slate with ownership, and because DC is closer to his home. Additionally, it reports that Fred Malek has been in contact with Theo, and that he's probably his preferred GM candidate.
  • Our friends at Sons of Sam Horn have been keeping tabs on CFers. One of them was especially interested in Brad Wilkerson but I'm bringing it up more because one of them reports that the Cubs are close to acquiring Juan Pierre, one of Bowden's objects of Marlin's lust.

    If that happens, there are several wrinkles. 1) Bowden wanted him; he'd have to find a 'new' lead-off hitter, because apparently Brad Wilkerson's superior on-base percentage isn't enough. 2)Would the Cubs then back off Rafael Furcal, increasing the chances he stays with the budget conscious Braves? 3)Would the Cubs be looking to trade the crappy Corey Patterson (AKA Wilkerson lite)? I had read that the Cubs had floated the idea of Patterson for Wilkerson, which would be a horrid deal. Patterson, in his best season, is worse than Wilkerson in his worst.
  • So, an American Citizen born in Cuba, who once resided in Costa Rica, can play for Puerto Rico in the World Baseball Classic? Why bother? Why not just draw straws and play shirts and skins?
  • Baseball America named their Nationals top-10. Hero to millions, Ian Desmond is number four. (Which is more an indictment of the farm system than Desmond's quality)


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