Friday, August 05, 2005

I'm Not Saying That Bill Ladson Is A Hack....

...but take a look at the lede for tonight's gamer:
Tied at 5 in the ninth, and with runners on first and third with nobody out and Chad Cordero on the mound, Fick hit what looked to be a single to center field. The ball dropped in front of Brad Wilkerson, who was able to get the forceout at second, but Mark Sweeney scored on the play.

There isn't one mention of Cristian Guzman booting the grounder that allowed Sweeney to reach base. That was the key play of the game.

But in the pages of Pravda there are no errors. Everyone's happy! Yay! Look, it's a puppy dog wagging his tail! Isn't he cute? Hey, the sun is bright and shiny! Yay!

I'm surprised his overlords even let him admit the team lost.


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