Friday, August 05, 2005

Fouled-Off Bunts: WooHoo Edition!

  • Tom Boswell chats at 11, assuming he didn't spontaneously combust last night.

    Public Service Announcement: Expect some Guzman gloating.

  • Jose Guillen sat out yesterday's game with the same sore shoulder that's been bothering him all season.

    "I don't know what to tell you. I've just got to learn how to shut it down when it's really sore. Sometimes, I think like I'm Superman. But it's really sore. It's really, really, really sore."

  • Tony Armas, who left Wednesday's game with shoulder stiffness, should make his next start.

  • Brian Schneider sat out the game again. He's still having some shoulder pain, but he claims it's doing better.

  • Frank sent Jamey Carroll out to spell Jose Vidro in last night's game. I'm not sure if it was for fatigue, because Vidro's strained quad is still causing him to limp slightly, or if it was for defensive purposes. The latter is something Frank should look at doing regularly.

  • Mark Tuohey says that, come hell or highwater (but hopefully not too high, because the Anacostia stinks like a sewer), the stadium WILL open in 2008.

    There are some good tidbits buried in the article:
    --The stadium will be oriented to the NE, with a view of the Capitol over the left-field wall.
    --Land bids (All 33 of 'em) start later this month.
    --The draft calendar requires all land acquisition and zoning to be done by the end of this year.

    In the first of what'll probably be many legal challenges, a Federal court will hear some landowner's request for an injunction.

    That same article notes that MLB now claims to have an owner selected by the end of the month. I'll believe it when... well.. at some point.

  • The Nationals are staying in Vierra for at least ten more years. Panera rejoices at all the free publicity.

  • Nationals Interest live-blogged the game last night.

  • Nationals Farm Authority has a rant about Bowden's recent bluster about bringing up the kids to supplant the creaky veterans he brought in.

    Read him to see why it's such a hair-brained idea.


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