Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Fouled-Off Bunts: Slow News Day

Just a few odds and ends...

  • The New York Mets took Wil Cordero off our hands, assigning him to Norfolk where he can continue his reign of terror.

  • Brad Mills, the bench coach for the World Champion Boston Red Sox, is profiled by some random Boston newspaper.

    It's notable only because the Nationals allowed him to leave for that position. He was Frank's bench coach in 2003, but there were reports they had 'creative differences'. (I guess Mills expected competence?)

    Out went Mills and in came Eddie Rodriguez, who, presumably, doesn't object as strenuously when Frank takes mulligans on the golf course.

  • Endy Chavez, the pre-Guzman Whipping Boy of this blog, gets a second look.

    With the ancient Kenny Lofton's contract coming to an end, he's angling for a starting job next season.

    It's actual a good quick read.

    But there is one laugh out loud moment. Ed Wade has been trying to acquire him since at least last winter. What did Bodes ask for? Ryan Madson!

    In fairness to Endy, and given the stats the two have put up, it really isn't all that clear that we won that trade. And yes, that hurts to type.

  • Henry Mateo, the infield scrub, has been rehabbing for ages in Harrisburg. He can only stay on their roster through next monday, which could create an intersting logjam.

    Mateo, I believe, is out of options. But, I'd also guess that he'd pass through waivers pretty easily, allowing the team to send him back to the minors -- at least until 9/1 when the rosters expand.


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