Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Fouled-Off Bunts: Paging Doctor Andrews

  • Good news on the Jose Guillen front. He has a partially torn rotator cuff, but it won't require surgery, just rest.

    The team plans on sitting him for a week or so, although the odds are that he'll be back before then -- He doesn't want to look like a Churchified Wus, now does he?

  • Starting in his place is the recent callup, Brandon Watson. Watson, who was slapping the bejeesus out of the ball in New Orleans, is a singles-hitting blazer -- sort of our version of Willy Tavares.

    Nationals Farm Authority has a look at him.

    In short, he's fast, and he hits a lot of singles. But he doesn't walk much and he doesn't hit for power. So, unless he's batting .350, he's probably not helping the team as much as you think he is.

    But if he steals a base or two, the small-ball fetishists will drool and point to him as a catalyst.

  • In activating Watson, they designated Matt Cepicky for assignment. It's an understandable, but completely dick move. I'll have a little more on this later in an unhinged rant against Cap'n Bodes: Man of Action!

    Cepicky grumbled about being DFA'd a second time this season. And considering how just 10 days ago the team called him up because they wanted an effective pinch-hitter, only to give up on him a few ABs later, he's completely justified in being upset.


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