Thursday, June 02, 2005

Sweeping Our Dreams Away

Well, there goes our chance for a sweep. With a three-run rally off Hector Carrasco, the Atlanta Braves stole a win off the Nats excellent-but-tired bullpen.

It's hard to find fault with the team's effort. They battled John Smoltz hard. Tony Armas pitched effectively, after having had a few scary outings, and the offense seemingly had enough to carry the day.

It didn't work out, but you're going to have days where the bullpen doesn't hold. You can live with it, especially because of all the games we have won simply because of the pen.

It's hard to find fault in the game.

Hector Carrasco not only coughed up the lead, he took the loss as well. But, he was already into his second inning of relief, and was probably still in to allow the third run solely because of the bullpen's overall fatigue.

Jose Guillen failed to get a hit. Vinny Castilla didn't reach base safely until the eigth inning, and Brad Wilkerson had one hit in five times at bat.

But, Brad also had the crushing blow. With the tying run at first, Wilkerson smacked into a crushing double play that effectively ended the Nats' night. But, there's a silver lining! He wins a hotly-contested Lame Duck.

It's interesting that Frank didn't choose to bunt in that situation, especially given his love for that strategy.

I don't quite consider that a Frank Senior Moment, because it's not blindingly obvious that it was bad strategy, but it's definitely curious. Nats Blog has the rundown on why Frank should've bunted.

CJ Nitkowski pitched effectively. I'm pulling for him, but I don't have much faith in him either.

The game tonight is on UPN-20. (As are all this weekend's games) If we win tonight, we'll have gained two games on the Braves. If we lose, we'll have treaded water.

It's Horacio Ramirez against Esteban Loaiza. The Nats bats seem to want to come around. Hopefully Ramirez' pitching will give them an assist.


  • I was against bunting in the 9th because Wilk is the King of Doubles; he puts one in the gap and maybe Byrd can score from first. So it goes.

    By Blogger Carl, at 6/02/2005 2:35 PM  

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