Wednesday, June 01, 2005

The Best Injury Yet

Although Zach Day is injured, it's probably to the benefit of the team. I'm not saying that because of his poor pitching, but because of what the injury prevented: a trade to Colorado or the Marlins.

Bowden was working on two trades. The one with the Marlins would have been for outfielder Juan Encarnacion (who's only asset is that Vin Scully sounds great when pronouncing his name).

If he had been shipped to Colorado, it would've been for Preston Wilson, who hasn't had a good year since 1999. (Remember park factors!)

For now, we're saved.

This team really doesn't need another outfielder, and a Church/Byrd platoon would outplay either of those players. As long as Frank's around, Day probably needs a change of scenery.

But, Bowden would be better served finding a shortstop who could hit than another outfielder to fill our glut.

On a related note, does it worry anyone else that our 'crack' training staff is just discovering this fracture now? The kid took a liner off his pitching arm. Wouldn't they look realy closely at it? I know swelling often creates problems, but they thre him right back out there on the mound two days later. I imagine that that wasn't too good for the healing process.

At least they haven't given anyone gangrene -- yet.


Jon Rauch got good news when he went under the knife. His death sentence was commuted. Instead of a torn labrum, it's a torn rotator cuff, which means he should be available by the end of the year.


Terrmel Sledge, who's already out for the year with a hamstring that's torn to shreds, had surgery on his shoulder. Why not? He's missing time anyway. Perhaps a face lift or a tummy tuck too, while he's out?


  • If not a replacement for Guzman, I would gladly trade Day for any middle infielder who would be better coming off the bench than Carlos Baerga. There must be dozens, if not hundreds of such guys out there.

    By Blogger Carl, at 6/01/2005 1:32 PM  

  • I've gotta believe that a deal that brings either Wilson or Encarnacion to DC would be followed by another deal that sees Ryan Church leaving (since I think we'd keep Byrd at this point, at least for now).

    By Anonymous MikeMidd, at 6/01/2005 1:57 PM  

  • I doubt it would be Church leaving as he is a LH OF while Byrd is RH like both Wilson and Encarnacion are.

    By Blogger Brian, at 6/01/2005 4:08 PM  

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