Tuesday, May 31, 2005

No Way, Jose

Jose Guillen's unhappy. Jose Guillen's whining. Jose Guillen, if he get his way, is going to screw the team over.
He said he doesn't believe the distances -- 380 feet to the alleys and 410 to center -- are accurate.

"To me, it's farther than that," Guillen said. "I know. I've got power."

Guillen, who is signed for next year, said he will lobby club officials to move the fences in during the offseason.

"Trust me," Guillen said, "we're going to complain."

Yeah, great idea, Jose.

It's far from scientific, but doesn't it seem that our opponents have hit far more shots to the track than we have? Wouldn't it stand to reason that our team, with little power, wouldn't necessarily gain as much as our opponents would from moving the fences in?

The strength of this team has been its pitching, and the occasional liner into the gap. And, in all probability, the small gains this team would make offensively would be more than outweighed by the long fly balls our pitchers give up that would then go for homers.

Yeah, Jose would pad his stats, but at the expense of the team.

And, if I'm not mistaken, Jose just came off a long road trip. I don't seem to recall him hitting a barrage of home runs on the trip, do you? Try choking up and getting a hit with runners in scoring position for once, Jose. Then, we'll talk.

Am I the only one who's getting sick of these semi-daily 'Woe is Jose' stories? His 'I'm killing the team' shtick is grating. It drives me crazy, because superficially it seems like they're the words of a person taking responsibility and stepping up, but I don't read them like that.

To me (Armchair Pyschology Warning), and I'm influenced by his past and the persistency of his statements, they read as the self-centered statements of someone wanting to prove how important he is, and how he's the center of the Nats universe. And, it seems that he's implicitly throwing his other teammates under a bus.

He's definitely the player with the most potential, and his success is essential for the team's success, but he needs to shut the hell up and get a hit with runners on for once.

Step up and be a leader with your actions, Jose. Washington is a city that was full of hot air and rhetoric before you got here. We certainly don't need any more. Shut up and play.


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