Sunday, June 05, 2005

How's That Trade Working Out Now, Ed?

Presented without comment, simply because the numbers speak for themselves!

Endy Chavez' Philadelphia line:
.194/ .242/ .290/ 31 AB

Marlon Byrd's Washington line:
.320/ .400/ .380/ 50AB

Although, apparently, he bumped an ump? Did I miss something? I know the ump was on the ground, but it seemed lighthearted, because the announcers were saying he was smiling -- and even the ump doesn't seem too concerned based on the article.

The article, by Les Carpenter, says very little in a lot of words (Hey, kinda like this blog!). Apparently, that's the game story, which should make us appreciate the excellent job Barry Svrluga does all the more.


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