Friday, June 03, 2005

All's Well That's Boswell

Tom Boswell chats at 11. Expect lots of answers referring to this team's:
--Can-Do Spirit
--Stoic Heroism
--Stunning Way In Filling Out Their Uniforms.


  • Heart is something this team has in spades. An A's fan, I've been distraught to watch them play the hangdog when they lose a lead in a game, and then pout like little leaguers when they can't get it together. Last night was amazing. Being in the stands, watching the crowd respond the way it did, watching the Nats respond to the crowd, it was pretty well inspiring.

    By Anonymous Tom Bridge, at 6/03/2005 10:23 AM  

  • Don't forget their
    --Never-Say-Die Attitude
    --ability to save runs on Defense
    --Tasty Chocolate Centers

    wait I'm missing the chat... "
    I think Guzman has turned the corner in the last two games and will soon be his old .270-hitting self. He's a fine player and that would make a major difference. "

    The Great and Powerful Boz has done it again. What insight!

    By Blogger El Gran Color Naranja, at 6/03/2005 11:38 AM  

  • I took his 'fine' comment the way someone grading comic books or stamps would be.

    There, fine is roughly equivilent to "Piss-poor"

    Seems about right.

    By Blogger Chris Needham, at 6/03/2005 11:41 AM  

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